The hair loss problem- a psycho-philosophical approach

Many people experience the hair loss problem. Me too, I am one of them today.(Thinking at this, you can be assured regarding my sincerity).This is an unlucky situation, to loss the hair, to be “not so completed” as the others, to have some trouble to recognize. in the morning, from month to month, her or his nice look in the mirror.

Basically, humans are equal upon the born condition. We have a native dowry that include our hair in his place We are proud if our hair it’s so nice that can impress others just by simple existence. We have built a look, an attitude for life, OUR LOOK, OUR ATTITUDE and suddenly…bang !…the hair loss problem becomes the most important in our life.

We treat it sentimentally and that affect more and soon our psychic equilibrium. We become agitated and unstable, finally stressed and at this point we build a vicious environment for us (because the stress is a known factor for alopecia) and for others (because they can’t understand nothing and penalize our social relationship).

OK, let’s consider the situation at this point .Just sit down and think at this:
What is so difficult to accept ? Maybe is the change of our look. Maybe is the fact that we worry for others reaction and we think that they can change something regarding us. Right motivation and possible situation,sometimes. But we have really changed ? Of course NOT. We are the same in everything can determine our life approach. What are only changed ? Appearances ! How many times have you noticed , in the life, situations that are just a crust for the truth content ?

Can you really understand your situation ? You must understand yourself, be in your EGO quietly and try to convince people that you are the same being the same ! There are many causes for the hair loss but think at the fact that are many other peoples who experience this personnel “tragedy” and are many other peoples that don’t more have an arm, a leg or even an eye. You are not an exception , this is a human existential possibility , just be aware that God want try your patience, your will and your power. This is your possibility to prove what genial you are without any references to your physical look .

Be smart and smile ! You know ? I am even proud because I experience the hair loss problem. I am myself. You can be yourself everyday even if you have alopecia. We all, we are men and women who have a mission to accomplish in this life.
(But, of course, you can try to correct this freak of existence curing your hair loss. Some ideas you can find on my blog).

Enough with the Psychology! Order some Generic Viagra!

So, the other day-the very day before I ordered my first batch of Generic Viagra-I stopped in to see my psychologist. Yes, I have a psychologist, I admit it. For some reason, I only realized later that, oddly enough, the time I first signed up with him was the same time when I realized I was having problems getting an erection. Coincidence? I think not! Instead of being smart and ordering some Generic Viagra-that is, getting a medical treatment for a simple medical disorder-I decided to be all subtle and psychological. I was sure that it was a mental thing, even a subconscious thing. I didn’t “want” it enough, or, perhaps, I wanted it too much! Maybe I couldn’t “envision” myself with an erection, because I had a self-image problem. Or maybe it was a Freudian thing. Maybe I had repressed memories of walking in on the “primal scene” between my parents, and was suffering insecurity, because I still saw my father as a sexual rival. The things we dream up instead of ordering Generic Viagra! Now, it all seems so foolish. First of all, I was never, never attracted to my mother, Dr. Freud! Dr. Freud can go get probed with a cigar, for all I care. I’m past that stage in my life. I got practical, and ordered Generic Viagra, and never looked back. Now the women in my life recognize me again in the bedroom.

What was the turning point? What made me break down and buy some Generic Viagra over the Internet? How did I break the cycle of self-pity and denial? Well, oddly enough, I had one hell of a good psychologist! Here’s what happened during my final visit, when, out of nowhere, he cured me completely, by prescribing Generic Viagra. I walk in and stretch out on the couch, in front of another man (what was I thinking?!), then waited anxiously for him to probe my sub-consciousness. “You’re deeply disturbed,” he observed immediately. “Oh, yes I am, Dr.!” I admitted, then fell into complete hysterics. “I just can’t get past the shame and the denial, and I feel that I have a messiah complex in the bedroom-I want to save her world, and redeem her, but I’m kept from doing so by my erectile dysfunction; I mean, I’d order some Generic Viagra, but I just think the problem runs a lot deeper than just some medical condition-I think it’s a sort of Napoleon complex-I feel that I’m smaller than other men, because I’m eternally flaccid, and then I try to overcompensate by eating raw oysters and working out, and when that doesn’t work, I feel inferior, and begin hating myself, and scolding my Johnson for his lack of empathy, because I feel that he’s behaving selfishly, and that if I buy him some Generic Viagra, I’ll just be an enabler, because I know he has a problem, but it’s one he just needs to work through himself, without drugs or alcohol, and also, my mother didn’t love me…”

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” the good doctor screamed, throwing his notepad to the floor. “Are you freaking crazy? YOU SOUND LIKE A WOMAN!” he howled. He took off his glasses and went on a full tirade. “Let me get this straight: you refuse to order Generic Viagra, because you ‘feel’ that it might be ‘enabling’ for ‘Mr. Johnson’ to treat ‘him’ for a simple medical problem? That’s just crazy talk! Listen to yourself, man! Get a grip! Your mother didn’t love you, and now you have erectile dysfunction? Your running around town eating raw oysters and holding hysterical arguments with your twig and berries in the shower? Go home right now and order some Generic Viagra. I never want to see you again, unless it’s in a bar, somewhere where men gather. I’ll be glad to listen to your sexual success stories over a beer. But I’m not listening to this psychobabble garbage anymore!”

Thank you, Doctor! Thank you!

Using A Room Humidifier For Health Aspects

During the year many people are stricken by illness and/or allergies. One great way to help you alleviate, or even avoid, these problems is by using a room humidifier. Humidifier health aspects are great and definitely worth trying.

Using a room humidifier allows a person to create a healthy home environment for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other sinus problems.

There are two kinds of humidifiers, warm and cool mist. Their health aspects include helping with problems that are associated with dry air such as dry skin, swollen nasal passages, sinus headaches, and asthma.

The use of a tabletop room humidifier can help to soothe a persons nasal and respiratory passages when he/she has the flu or a sore throat. Portable units can also be used to provide relief to those who have asthma, dry skin, and/or dry eyes.

Adults are not the only ones to benefit from the use of room humidifiers. The health aspects of room humidifiers also greatly benefit children.

It is common for young children to suffer from 6 to 8 upper respiratory tract infections every year. By increasing air moisture in your home, and/or your childs room, you can not only alleviate his/her symptoms, but can also help to prevent them all together.

When choosing a room humidifier for a child, be aware that a cool mist unit is recommended. Warm mist units can run a risk to accidental burns.

In order to keep your room humidifier in optimum working conditions, there are several things you must do to keep it free from mold, fungi, and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. By following the manufacturers instructions for care and cleaning you can make sure you keep your room humidifier safe.

Room humidifiers are most often used during the winter. In order to prevent the growth of mold, spores, and dust mites the level of humidity should be kept under 50%. The tank should be emptied, surfaces should be dried, and it should be refilled with clean water on a daily basis.

Instead of using tap water, which can contain minerals that my promote a germ-friendly film as well as scale build up, try using distilled or demineralised water.

Room humidifiers can be found in various stores and even on the internet. It is wise to do research before purchasing a unit to find which brand and type fit your needs.

One important thing to remember is that bringing your homes humidity to the proper level can not only benefit you health-wise, but can also save you money each year. You will pay less for your heating bills when you feel warmer at a lower temperature. That means that everything in your home, from you plants to your pets to your furniture to your loved ones to you, can benefit from its results.

A room humidifier is a wonderful item to have for your home. Having your home properly humidified shouldnt just be considered a luxury, but also a necessity.

Causes and Symptoms of Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a quite common phenomenon in the humans and is generally experienced by all at some or the other point in their lives. The severity of the pain is often unrelated to the injury that has caused it. While a simple strain in the back can cause unbearable pain, a displaced disk may turn out to be quite painless. What are the causes of low back pain.

Causes of Low back pain is often due to a wrong posture or displaced or strained back muscle. Irritation of the large nerve roots that go to our legs and our arms, a strain in the smaller nerves or an injury in any of the bones, ligaments or joints may also result in pain in the lower portion of our back.

Many a times, one can experience low back pain without any injury or known anatomical cause. However, back pain can be largely linked to a strain in any of the muscles or a specific condition such as degenerative disc disease or a herniated disc.

Most of the times, one can get rid of the low back pain by using conservative treatments, such as the application of ointments, physical therapy or oral medications. However, cure of certain back low pains may require surgery. One should seek proper medical treatment if the back pain continues for a long time, and is severe and accompanied by sudden bladder or bowel incontinence or progressive weakness in legs. Persons, who have suffered from fever, cold, trauma or undergone sudden weight loss, should seek proper medical attention for the cure of their low back pain.

OCD Over Compulsive Disorder – Dying On The Inside

At least one in fifty adults in America suffer with Over Compulsive Disorder (OCD) double that number for the others who at some time in their lives have been affected by this controlling disease. The frightening thing is how many more are to be cursed by this death sentence imposed on the brain. Speaking from experience it has to be the fatigue factor that without a doubt is the cause behind the bouts of anxiety that accompanies OCD…

When the brain becomes abusive with an onslaught of verbal threats to do this/that and the other, your body becomes powerless to fight back. Lethargic and drained of all energy your body like that of a rag doll limp and lifeless, waves the white flag and surrenders.

Obsessions and habitual acts that each individual experiences will differ greatly. One thing that does not change is the compassion towards each other from fellow sufferers who understand the reasons behind why we do what we do.
You will find being on the road to recovery less of a burden after confiding in someone for help, talking with others who are suffering from this condition is great place to start.

OCD is equally as common in both sex’s man woman boy and girl; symptoms have been diagnosed from an early age for many patients.
Obsessive rituals are stereotyped behaviours that are continually repeated causing anxiety where depression starts to sink in making this a major health concern for the patient.

There are so many different disorders relating to OCD but taking obsessive symptoms and obsessive thoughts are two that work hand in hand together in a similar way, a destructive force to contend with.

Sufferers with obsessive-compulsive disorder are more prone to anxiety/depression bouts where on the other hand sufferers of recurrent depressive disorder can develop obsessive thoughts.
Differentiating between both can be quite difficult in some cases because of the frequency where symptoms occur at the same
Either way both destroy a person’s life eating away at their existence; OCD works its magical charm on anyone that proves to be a threat where obsessive rituals are prevented from being carried out.

Heaven forbid even as a do gooder looking on never tell a sufferer to stop what they are doing because the chances are you will find that you have just become public enemy number one. Let the patient in their own time figure it out for themselves when enough is enough.

Help clinics therapies and treatments are out there for those looking for a cure. Depending on the person and how severe their symptoms let the doctor decide what is the best medication for you.

Success stories where over compulsive disorder victims have been liberated gives the likes of you and me some hope for the future to go on living and destroy the heartfelt emotion of dying on the inside.

Diabetes: Hypoglycemia Doesn’t Impaired Cognition In Children with Type 1

Diabetes: Hypoglycemia Doesn’t Impaired Cognition In Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Under results of a new study, hypoglycemia, which is a drop in levels of blood sugar, and is severe enough to cause seizures or coma in young children with type 1 diabetes (those who develop the disease very early in life) does not appear to result in impairments in mental ability or behavior.

According to experts and scientific evidence, the hippocampus (a region of the brain) is particularly sensitive to prolonged episodes of severe hypoglycemia. And experts stated that young children with type 1 diabetes are at greatest risk of severe hypoglycemic events, and this has focused concern on the potential for hypoglycemic insult to impact on central nervous system development.

After compare 41 type 1 diabetic adolescents and children -who had a history of hypoglycemia with coma or seizure- to 43 similar diabetic subjects but without a history of severe hypoglycemic events, findings demonstrate that a subgroup of patients who had early first seizure showed more episodes of hypoglycemic seizure or coma in comparison to those who experienced a seizure at an older age.

The team applied different tests of learning and memory, but also intellectual and behavioral tests. The astonishing thing is that there were no significant differences between the seizure and no-seizure groups on the intellectual, memory or behavioral measures.

The main conclusion of the report is that results provide some reassurance to those treating children with type 1 diabetes with intensive treatment that seizures/coma at a young age does not necessarily result in gross cognitive or behavioral impairment.